Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets ARB apart from other area studios?
A: ARB is set apart from other area studios by bringing together the highest quality training in the area
with individual consideration towards each student's needs in a  positive learning environment. All of
our instructors are highly qualified and have extensive performance and instructional experience in
the disciplines they teach.
Our classes are technique oriented. Students spend the majority of the year learning correct  technique
in each discipline, not just a recital dance. (End of the Year performance pieces typically are not started
until after Spring Break. Students must learn how to dance before learning a dance.)
We also provide our students with plenty of performing experience. Our students dance all roles in
three professional level productions per year, not stand in the background dancing the same parts. The
knowledge that all roles in a production are available to them gives the students obtainable goals and
encourages artistic growth.
As we are one of the highest quality schools in the area, we attract students from not only PW county
but Upperville, Warrenton, Front Royal, Arlington, and Alexandria. Our students are culturally diverse
with some coming from Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Korea, China, Mexico, and
the Caribbean!

Q:Does ARB offer any other styles of dance besides ballet?
A: Yes! We offer classes in Lyrical, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop & Character (folk dancing). All of these
classes are taught by instructors that specialize in their field with extensive performing and teaching

Q: What can my child and I expect from a ballet class?
A: A typical ballet class is divided into two parts: Barre and Centre.  Movements start small at the barre
and gradually work up to large movements such as grand allegro in the centre. Please remember that
movements are age and level appropriate and will vary by class. The constant repetition of steps and
movements is also an important part of ballet training and the only way for the body to properly
acquire muscle memory.
Our younger students do not work at the barre (this is introduced in Ballet II) but learn all movements
and positions in centre. Our Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Ballet I, and Ballet II classes also follow a
syllabus carefully developed by Yuri and Jasmine Nikitenko that properly teaches steps, positions,
body placement, and movements. The youngest students (ages 3-5) use training props and games to
help them remember movements and develop musicality (it also is a lot of fun!!)

Q:What have your students accomplished?
A: Our current and past students have been accepted to prestigious programs at The Bolshoi Ballet
Academy, Boston Ballet School,The Kirov Academy, Washington School of Ballet, Bossov Ballet
Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Governor's School, and American Ballet Theatre.
Our students have also placed in the Top-12 of their divisions at Youth America Grand Prix, the
acclaimed international student ballet scholarship competition.

Q:What level of commitment is required?
A: The level of commitment can vary from a student interested in only one or two classes a week to a
serious student taking multiple classes six days per week. Our younger students typically attend class
once or twice a week until they reach intermediate level classes.
However, parents of intermediate and advanced students should understand that a child that takes only
one or two classes per week will not progress as quickly or become as technically proficient as a student
that attends several times per week or more.

I've heard that Russian training is very harsh. Is this so?
A; Many people see "Russian" and automatically think severe and strict (or have had negative
experiences in the past); although we are serious in our proper teaching of technique, all of our
instructors are friendly, approachable, and have a great rapport with their students. We teach each
child how to work to the best of their own individual abilities and physical capabilities to become the
best dancer they can possibly be.

Q: Does ARB have any performances?
A: Yes, we have our annual full length production of "The Nutcracker", our "Spring Concert", and the
"End of Year Spectacular". Our performances are professional quality and an important tool for
developing our "Artists in Training". We are also the official school of The Northern Virginia Youth
Ballet, a 501c3 non-profit professional student ballet company.

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